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Excel Dynamic Solutions (EDS) is an independent, diverse consulting firm rooted in natural resources discovery and management, project management, data technology and analytics, business re-engineering and subsequently rendering customer-centric products and services from the aforementioned practices. We are a unique team of geoscientists, environmentalists, business engineers, data scientists, technologists, and project managers with a strong footing in the automation and digitization of scientific products and services by amalgamating concepts development, data management, project management and software development to achieve the said outcomes. We pride ourselves in our pedigree of working with a reputed international and Namibian client base on projects both completed and current.

We Are Efficient

Brevity and timeliness are high virtues. We define and adhere to project roles, scope, budget and timelines (guided by PMBOK). We utilize technology to perform, collaborate, connect, and to complete projects in transparent, real-time manners.
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We Honor your Journey

We are present with and for you. We have the ultimate respect for those that embark on the great “hero’s journey” of growth. With every client, we embrace our mission of helping them discover the true meaning of their dreams and visions, and to turn raw materials into finished products ...
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We Deliver Quality

We define quality as the result of care. We take care to do and create things right. We are a Team Africa transformation can only be achieved if “WE” work as a team, not by a single pedestrian “I.”
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We are Opportunistic and Strategic

We find that fine balance between the fierce urgency of now to complete tasks and to do lists, and the longer, strategic view of building equity value over time. We have subscribed to the EBL Model that aims to change millions of African lives by 2025.
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Our Core Ideology

Our Mission

Help transform Africa by providing well packaged professional consulting services and products needed for continental growth and ...

Our Vision

To be a high performance multi-disciplinary scientific and technology driven consulting company in Africa.
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